2017 Lupulin Carnival with Blueprint Coffee

We're thrilled to be pouring at our first ever Lupulin Carnival, shout-out to the awesome folks at 4 Hands Brewing Co. for the invite. If you're looking for tickets, we hate to disappoint you, but it's sold out. 

The official list of beers is out today, and it's very impressive... to say the least. Our beers are on that list, and we wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit more about the hopped up goodness that we're bringing to the party.

Orange Meringue - The newest beer in our Dessert IPA series. Brewed with lactose sugar, oranges and vanilla beans. Dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Cascade hops.  7.0% ABV.

Major Key Double IPA - Probably our most popular beer. Brewed with unreasonable amounts of Mosaic and Motueka hops. 8.5% ABV.

Cascara Key Double IPA - With so many world-class hoppy beers in attendance, we wanted to bring something a little different.  We collaborated with caffeine wizards at Blueprint Coffee to develop an experimental beer that combines the fruity flavor profiles of Major Key Double IPA, cascara and some proprietary yeast strains. Out there stuff.

You might find yourself wondering, what is cascara? Cascara is the dried skins of coffee cherries. The pulped skins are collected after the coffee beans have been removed from the cherries, and then the skins are dried. Along with using the cascara, we fermented the beer with a combination of our house yeast strain and two different yeast cultures that we're isolated from and experimental coffee lot that Blueprint is currently working with.

We created a coffee IPA without any traditional "coffee" in it. The end result delivers complex combination of bright, tropical flavors upfront with an added depth of cherries and red currants on the finish. We will be pouring it side-by-side with Major Key, so that everyone in attendance can compare the two together.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the festival. If you feel like you're missing out, look for more experimental beers with Blueprint in the near future.



Shot by Cory Miller - heydoryymiller.com

Everything Must Go!

Everything Must Go: A Rockwell Beer Co. Pop-up Shop

Join us tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, March 18) from noon-4pm for cheap gear, free beer and good friends at Saint Louis Hop Shop. We will have all of our latest RBC merchandise on-hand, like our brand new hats, t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.

Our taps will be flowing with two brand new Rockwell beers: Playa Haters' Ball, an American-style Kölsch, and Everything Must Go IPA. They will definitely be worth the trip.

There might be a few surprises, but we won't spoil it for you. You just have to come by and see for yourself. Free to everyone. Tell your friends.

Also, big thanks to Suede Media for the awesome commercial that you see above.


The 2016 Wrap-Up

2016 is almost dead, but we're not.

Tuesday, December 20 - Join us for our Late Night Happy Hour at Saint Louis Hop Shop from 8-10pm. We will have some beer to sample, including our collaboration with Saint Louis Hop Shop, 1 Nite Only IPA. This hoppy monster is brewed with the freshest 2016 harvest Citra, Mosaic and Azacca hops we could find. Vista Ramen will be in the house with some special snacks. We will also have all of our new merchandise (with special prices!) on hand, so you can knock out that holiday shopping list. Moms love hoodies. 

Wednesday, December 21 - The second to last Club Rockwell session ever. Join now or forever hold your peace.

Wednesday, December 28 - THE FINAL CLUB ROCKWELL. Details later this week.

Friday, December 30 - Final Friday Happy Hour #4 with 4 Hands. We will be pouring two brand new beers, and 4 Hands will have two of their beers on hand. $10 gets you unlimited samples and you get to keep the glass. Consider it a practice run for New Year's Eve.

Tasting Room and Retail Store Renderings

In our newsletter that we sent out last week, we shared some details about Rockwell's design and buildout progress. Along with that information, we included the initial interior renderings of our tasting room and retail store from our friends at V Three Studios, featuring the amazing work of Narrative Furniture from right here in St. Louis. 

To make sure that you don't miss on the next round of news, we recommended that you sign up today.

We will keep the rest of the newsletter information exclusive for the subscribers, but these beauties were too good to not share with everyone.

Keep in mind, there is a lot of work to be done before any of this becomes a reality. We will keep you posted along the journey. I will say that I feel really good about the direction that we are headed.

And one more thing, come to Club Rockwell tonight.


Int 04.jpg

Final Friday Happy Hour #3: All is Well

We've got friends visiting for next week's Final Friday Happy Hour #3, and we decided that we are going to make the most of it. Please join us in welcoming Hopewell Brewing from Chicago for one-time-only collaborative event, All is Well.

We will be pouring multiple Rockwell and Hopewell beers side-by-side, along with music from Brasstax to round out the experience. Expect the same relaxed atmosphere and positive vibes that you've come to know and love from our Final Friday Happy Hours.

Take a break from your family, and come hang out with ours. The event is still just $10, and you get to keep the one-of-a-kind RBC Old Fashioned Glass. 

Tickets available here. See you next week!


November Inspirations

It’s really easy to get lost in the negativity of the world, so it definitely helps to have positive distractions. We wanted to take things in a different direction by sharing some beacons of hope that have been inspiring us lately.

These inspirations help us get the creative juices flowing, which is so important to our company. With the style of Rockwell constantly evolving, it is crucial for us to learn from others, and keep ourselves mentally stimulated.

To everyone included in this list, thank you for invigorating us. We appreciate your influence, and hope, in some way, we do you proud.

If you would like to share some inspiration with us, join us for Club Rockwell on November 16 or for Final Friday Happy Hour #3 on November 25.

Chris Hoertel

Andy Hille


What is Club Rockwell?

To fully comprehend Club Rockwell, you first must understand the origin story. The original Club Rockwell was located at 2502 N. Rockwell Street in Chicago, and it was open from August 2008 to November 2012. There was always cold beer, the neighbors were awesome, and it was open 24 hours a day. My wife and I also lived there, because “Club Rockwell” is what we called our apartment. This is where I fell in love with the culture of beer and brewing. Without the original Club Rockwell, there would be no Rockwell Beer Company.

Fast-forward to 2016, now there is a new iteration of Club Rockwell. In mid-September, we found out that our neighboring office members at TechArtista were moving out. Suite 213 is located directly between our friends Wesley Hoffman/Corey Smale’s office and our office. After a couple of drinks and a brief team discussion, we knew that there was an awesome opportunity, and we just had to do something with the space.

Our idea was to open the smallest tasting room in the world, after all, Suite 213 is really only built to accommodate two people. We worked closely with Gabe McKee of V Three Studios (who, coincidentally, is also helping us design our tasting room, retail store and production facility on Vandeventer) to optimize the space and create an extraordinarily unique atmosphere. Chris Hoertel handled all of the aesthetics like the beautiful mural, vibrant plant life and incredible artwork hanging on the wall. We decided that we could fit a drink rail, eight chairs, and a kegerator. That’s all we needed to get going. We gutted the office of its previous life, and got to work.

It takes a lot of time and effort every week by our team to make a night at Club Rockwell happen… probably too much, to be honest. Regardless of how fast we want our production facility to open, it still takes a VERY long time to open a brewery. There is permitting, demolition, buildout, equipment ordering and manufacturing which can drag the process out. Just ask anyone who has ever opened a brewery.

We couldn’t just sit and wait until next spring. Club Rockwell gives us the capability to connect with the people of St. Louis in a very intimate setting. Our tiny tasting room for eight people gives us a channel to create new recipes, share them with people and chat with them one-on-one about what Rockwell means to them. We get to share our company culture with you, and we get to see the response to that culture in real time. We do not make any money on The Club, but it’s not about that, it’s about the people. In a way, Club Rockwell is just a social experiment with the addition of cocktails and beer.


Often times when attendees show up to Club Rockwell looking for direction, but honestly there isn’t any. We just let the night organically develop which each unique group. We knew we had to build the space, but we weren’t sure what it would become as we progressed. Past attendees have helped shape future Club Rockwell sessions. Every week the atmosphere and patrons have been completely different, and that is a beautiful thing. You are helping us find our voice creatively. You are helping us find where we belong in the community. You are helping us grow. For that, we are forever thankful.

This week, Club Rockwell opens for the sixth time. This also means that after this weeks event, there are only six more times to visit Club Rockwell in its current iteration. After December 2016, we will be shutting down Club Rockwell at TechArtista forever. It’s nothing to be sad about, because in 2017 we will have some MUCH BIGGER things to focus our attention on. Has it been crazy releasing new beers and cocktails every week? At this scale, absolutely, but we regret nothing. While our lives are much more hectic, we wouldn’t trade this chaos for anything in the world. You know what else is hectic? Opening and running a production brewery. Club Rockwell a nice little appetizer for us.

These three months will be something that we never forget, and these events will shape the future of Rockwell. Every single person that we met through this silly little idea will be our friends forever. Thank you so much for the support from everyone who has already attended, and to our future attendees, let’s make these next six sessions count.

Want to join us this week? Click here.


Shot by Cory Miller - heydoryymiller.com

Lots of Events. The Best Events. You're Going to Love It.

October is the best month of the year, so here at Rockwell, we're doing everything we can to send it out with a bang. Here is skinny on everything that we have going this week:

Wednesday, October 26 - Club Rockwell #4 - The smallest, most exclusive brewery tasting room in the world. It's not just a place, it's an experience. 

Wednesday, October 26 - Board Game Night @ TechArtista with Game Night Gear - TechArtista is hosting a board game night sponsored by Yelp and Game Night Gear, a local game subscription box. Guests will try new and interesting games along with some RBC beer samples. Life-size Jenga anyone?

Friday, October 28 - Final Friday Happy Hour #2 - We're doing it again. Join us for the second installment of our Final Friday Happy Hour with our buddies at TechArtista. $10 gets you a one-of-a-kind RBC glass, samples of two brand new beers, music, oh yeah, and some surprises, too. 

Saturday, October 29 - St. Louis Brewers Guild Halloween Party - The St. Louis Brewers Guild Halloween Party features St. Louis area breweries pouring samples of what they do best, live music, great food, wild costumes, a Hefe Ride (think hay-ride with kegs on it), fortune telling and more, all in historic Lafayatte Park!

Saturday, October 29 - Sprouted Radish Supper Club @ TechArtista - For $35 a ticket, guests will receive a ten course meal inspired by Japanese and Korean cuisine. In light of Halloween, the menu will include unusual meats and reflect the food presented in Edo's mural "Supper Club." There will be vegetarian options as well. The Rockwell team will be there to supply you with five classic Belgian beers to pair with your meal. This package is an additional $15.

Hope you get to join us this week, it's going to be A LOT of fun.


The Great Club Rockwell Scavenger Hunt

On Wednesday, October 19, we’re spreading joy all over St. Louis. And by “joy”, we of course mean tickets to that evening's Club Rockwell sessions. If you find the tickets that day, you get to party that night.

The RBC team will be dropping tickets at eight unique locations throughout the day starting at 11am. The only way to receive updates on the tickets whereabouts will be on our Twitter and Instagram.

Tickets will in clearly marked white envelopes and each envelope will include two passes to the event that night. Be the first to find the tickets, and they are yours. Simple as that.

Please only take the tickets if you plan on attending that night. People that take tickets and do not attend will be banished from Rockwell Island forever.

Good luck and happy hunting.


Final Friday Happy Hour #1 Recap

Shout out to everyone who was able to make it to our first Final Friday Happy Hour at TechArtista last Friday. DJ MAKossa gave us the perfect soundtrack to the evening, Seoul Taco kept us well-nourished, and the patio was righteous. 

We debuted two new beers: Lotofaffin, a 3.6% ABV an Ordinary Bitter (which was not ordinary or bitter) brewed with Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc, and Tan Leather, an oatmeal stout coming in 5.1% ABV. We felt these two classic styles would be the perfect companion for the RBC nonic pint that every guest received that night. I think it worked out well.

If you missed out, worry not. We're going to do this again next month on October 28th with another glass design, two new recipes to sample, more music and more food. Tickets go on sale October 14th. Don't sleep.