2017 Lupulin Carnival with Blueprint Coffee

We're thrilled to be pouring at our first ever Lupulin Carnival, shout-out to the awesome folks at 4 Hands Brewing Co. for the invite. If you're looking for tickets, we hate to disappoint you, but it's sold out. 

The official list of beers is out today, and it's very impressive... to say the least. Our beers are on that list, and we wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit more about the hopped up goodness that we're bringing to the party.

Orange Meringue - The newest beer in our Dessert IPA series. Brewed with lactose sugar, oranges and vanilla beans. Dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Cascade hops.  7.0% ABV.

Major Key Double IPA - Probably our most popular beer. Brewed with unreasonable amounts of Mosaic and Motueka hops. 8.5% ABV.

Cascara Key Double IPA - With so many world-class hoppy beers in attendance, we wanted to bring something a little different.  We collaborated with caffeine wizards at Blueprint Coffee to develop an experimental beer that combines the fruity flavor profiles of Major Key Double IPA, cascara and some proprietary yeast strains. Out there stuff.

You might find yourself wondering, what is cascara? Cascara is the dried skins of coffee cherries. The pulped skins are collected after the coffee beans have been removed from the cherries, and then the skins are dried. Along with using the cascara, we fermented the beer with a combination of our house yeast strain and two different yeast cultures that we're isolated from and experimental coffee lot that Blueprint is currently working with.

We created a coffee IPA without any traditional "coffee" in it. The end result delivers complex combination of bright, tropical flavors upfront with an added depth of cherries and red currants on the finish. We will be pouring it side-by-side with Major Key, so that everyone in attendance can compare the two together.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the festival. If you feel like you're missing out, look for more experimental beers with Blueprint in the near future.



Shot by Cory Miller - heydoryymiller.com